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About The Studio.

Skullscape always makes do with what it can... Working with broke back busted, out dated software and old-school ghetto gear... I have Two drum sets I sometimes sample from. My newest set "Crom" - the god of copper, the drums are wrapped in copper and look pretty damn sweet and my old set "BBR" - broke beat rotten, my hardcore salvage set which is remnants of the two older sets I use to own back in the "ZvF" days, along with some very creative additions such as the mop bucket snare. Throw in few Djembes a didgeridoo along with several electric keyboards and that more or less consists of the actual physical instruments I may utilize for making some of the music for Skullscape. UPDATE: After saving up for quite a while and a some great deals. I have now been able to expand my hardware with an APC40 and a MPD32. All my earlier mixing, digital enhancements and modifications, sampling and loops were being processed on my old-school almost dead Mac G5 still running classic Panther and GrooveMaker with Garageband. Well shortly some time after writing this, that old G5 system did actually die so a new G5 has replaced it since then. However I am still only running good old Leopard but now mostly use Ableton Live, Reason and occasionaly AudioMulch. So even though I'm out of date I make do with what I have. For that reason I am always seeking sponsorship & gear, I am always in need of fresh equipment and software be it new or used. If you've recently updated your gear or plan on upgrading soon. Please consider donating / gifting your old gear to Skullscape. If you do donate to Skullscape I will always mention how you contributed to the cause and provide links back to your website, unless you wish to remain anonymous. If interested in helping out please contact me ASAP so we can work out all the arrangements.


- Thanks! - Skullscape