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Skullscape has bee composing, producing and crafting music as well as sound effects for over a decade now. Track after track compiled but not always completed, then tucked away. buried in a forgotten folders amongst other unlabeled folders full of sound effects... Now Skullscape is in the process of working diligent on finishing and publishing a massive amount of content. Work from past to present, soon everyone can enjoy the beefy goodness or at least a few lost souls...

Since Skullscape will frequently be releasing new work please be sure to stop back here frequently to check on the latest updates and what's coming soon at the SKULLLOG. I will continually be adding new content from music, loops, merchandise as well as digital art work.

Get the 411 on Skullscape's current community collaboration project status at: PROJECTSCAPE.

Check out all my published and free music below and explore the music that influences my own life.



Skullscape continues to evolve as my knowledge increases my skills continue to grow. As I learn and adapt from acquiring experience to upgrading to more powerful DAW systems, software and equipment.  Skullscape's genre paints with a very broad stroke and can not easily be defined into one convenient category. All the different medias I am involved with are constantly influences one another. The drums and bass tend to be the dominant force to most of music producing a tribal trance like state with a touch a funkiness. At times the darkness makes it's presence heard, so I try to offset the gloom by providing a uplifting balance shifting between these two moods of light and dark along with a jazzy retro syfy twist. I think Skullscape is served in several tasty morsels, just like an ice cream parlor there is a flavor or style that appeals to everyone. ;)


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