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Check here for various campaigns I will be running from time to time to help rise funding for expanding, branding, marketing and so forth. You know the old saying "it takes money to make money." So when you have no money to invest in additional services that would actually help generate real revenue is beyond frustrating! However that's were you can come in and help bridge that gap. Please consider becoming a sponsor or subscriber.

I make music and graphics because I love to create but in order to share my creations with the world it does cost money. So I am indeed a struggling staving artist. For me, this is it, it's all I have. So you may think your little donation wont even matter, so why should you even bother? Well because if you thought I was making buckets of cash you couldn't be more wrong. Truth is it actually cost me money to publish my music and I made zero profit! I would love to just break even once for the year.

So please if you can spare any amount at all. I would truly be grateful and appreciate all your generosity!  ; )


Help me go Pro on Soundcloud I would really like to utilize Soundclouds features.
Help contribute so I can go Pro for the month or the year. I need to rise $6 a month or $55 for a year.
Or help me go Unlimited for the month or year. I need to rise $15 a month or $135 for a year.