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As I continue to release new content I will try to integrate contests for fans, to win music and merchandise. I hope to acquire sponsorship so I can sweeten the prize packages, perhaps one day they will become truly awesome, but that might not be for some time...

Please be sure to check back here often to see what's new, some of these contest are limited time and some are ongoing monthly. From graphic design to sound effects and remixes. With the intent to inspire, unite, explore, learn and just have fun. Good luck and thanks for all your time and interest in Skullscape.

Skullscape Wallpapers

Ongoing Monthly Wallpaper Contest:

Design a Skullscape Wallpaper. Requirements must have the name of my band "Skullscape" either obvious or hidden. At least one skull also either obvious or hidden. Imagine abstract, ambient, dark and desolate, gloom and doom and deep space that should get your creative juices flowing. What does Skullscape make you think of? Now try to illustrate that in your own unique vision and show the world by submitting it here!


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This Months Winning Wallpaper

Congratulations to this months winner! ("Wallpaper Name")

Last Months Winning Wallpaper

Last months winning wallpaper! ("Wallpaper Name")


Wallpaper Specs:

  • Minimum dimensions of 1680 x 1050 how ever larger is fine.
  • Preferred Formats: PNG or TIFF
  • Include your Name, Email Address and Website.
  • Entries must be submitted HERE