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Skullscape Biography:

Momentary Lapse Of Reason...

1999: S.C.E.M. Studios multimedia firm is created and production of sound effects loops, and samples begins.

2001: Under the umbrella of S.C.E.M. Studios the band Skullscape is formed, primarily to organize and handle all audio related projects for S.C.E.M. Studios.

2002: The beta website for Skullscape launches.

2005: Skullscape's first official public track "Pardon My Beats" from the still to be released album "Digital Reality" makes a brief appearence on AudioGalaxy.

2009: The official Skullscape website goes live.

2009: June 24, Tunecore account created to distribute first officially released song "Sweet Street (Single)" from the unreleased album "Beatballiss".

2009: June 24, Skullscape profiles created were you can now stream and hear two complete Skullscape albums "Star Dusted" and "End Of Ways" as well as two singles "Pardon My Beats" and "Sweet Street" for free.

2009: July 13, Twitter Skullscape account sends first official tweet.

2010: January 3, ReverbNation Skullscape account is created.

2010: January 31, Soundcloud account is created.

2010: February 9, Facebook Skullscape musician band page created.

2012: January 26, SongCast account created to distribute Skullscape albums.

2012: February 2, First completed album "Star Dusted" releases containing eleven tracks totaling 1:07:14 of play time.

2012: December 4, Second completed album "End of Ways" is released also containing eleven tracks totaling 1:17:20 of play time.

2013: November 16, Skullscape website receives major update and is completely overhauled.

2015: Presently finishing the final touches on two albums "Invaders" and "Ways Of End" which will be releasing very soon.