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Would you like to advertise on Skullscape? You can run your add exclusively on Skullscape or on my entire network of websites. There's an option and budget that will work for you. Prices are determined on if your already a well know established corporation or a brand new startup and unknown?  I want to provide an affordable solution for anyone who wants to advertise with Skullscape.

Typical campaigns run from month to month but can be extended if desired. Please contact me here so we can discuss all the specific details. Everyones status and needs will vary and the cost of your add will be determined based on how well your currently established. Advertising is great when you can afford it not so much when you have no budget. I truly hope those that decide to advertise understand I'm only trying to make it fair for all to afford advertising.

Where will adds be displayed? I have divide the services into the following categories:

Premium Service: Your add will appear on top of pages, banner style, rotating with other adds.

Basic Service: Your add will appear in the sidebar top, rotating with other adds above the Budget Service adds.

Budget Service: Your add will appear in the sidebar rotating with other adds, beneath the Basic Service adds.