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All about Skullscape?

I've always considered myself a horse of a different color, the black sheep, the underdog or the odd man out. Trying to break free from the monotony after years of being spoon fed commercial radio, I truly desired something different. Something unique and original, untainted and unspoiled. The time I spent in college for multimedia design had opened my eyes and enlightened me to new creative possibilities. Fully understanding the entire process and the amount of work that is invested into any given creative project brought a new appreciation towards all artistic related works. Everything from: film to photography, drawing and painting, sound effects too music and everything in between. So with all of that new acquired knowledge as well as the new ambient music I was recently discovering, inspired me to start creating my own sound effects, loops & samples, soundscapes, tracks and finally my own music. I soon found myself overwhelmed and up to my neck in multiple projects so I needed a way to take control and organize all my numerous creations. Thus Skullscape was conceived in 1999 to handle the entire audio related side of my multimedia business, as well as all my personal related audio projects. Over the years I had created several albums two of which have recently have been released. I have several more albums that will be published soon. ; )

What Style Is Skullscape

Skullscape doesn't conveniently fit into one specific style. When trying to describe Skullscape the following key words must be mentioned: ambient, dark ambient, deep space, digital, doom, drone, drum & bass, edm, electronic, experimental, gloom, journey, jungle, new age, trance, techno, tribal, synth, synthesized.

"I truly enjoy sound that tells a story and I hope to capture that essence within my own music by creating a journey across an expanding soundscape that knows no bounds and has no limits. Music for this planet and beyond the distant galaxies..."


- Shane Dentz - Skullscape