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Welcome to Skullscape and thanks for visiting my band website, hopefully you've arrived here to purchase some MUSIC, or Sound Packs. (coming soon) Remember you will save big on albums but all tracks are also available individually for the more selective listeners or the big spenders. If you enjoy my music or just want to support my creative endeavors. The simplest way to show your support, so I may continue to keep producing awesome music is to obviously purchase some. Even if you only purchase a single track or two a few dollars may not seem like very much but when you consider the entire cost to continue to keep publishing my music each year,website maintenance along with social website pro features as well as apparel cost every little amount sure does help out! Of course to really show your support, why not score some Skullscape MERCHANDISE to let the world, or at least your local area know, you digging Skullscape!

So your broke back busted eh? Never the less, you can still make a big difference without evening dropping a dime! Just show your support by blowing up my social network! Simply goto the INTERFACE tab and click away, signup, join, follow, link, like, circle, share and so forth, help my network grow so I may get even more exposure. Becoming part of my social network lets me know you support my music and will really help me reach more listeners. Of course good old word of mouth as well as links to the Skullscape website always helps too. I always follow back and support all those that follow and support me.

To keep up on what's new, coming soon or Skullscape's current status as well as recomended radio streams please visit the SKULLOG section to get the 411.


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It makes me feel like I'm in a space that's empty.